Проект "Медіа Сусідство" запрошує журналістів українських он-лайн ЗМІ на триденний навчальний курс

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Thu, 2014-01-09 23:03

Проект "Медіа Сусідство", що реалізується BBC Media Action та фінансується ЄС, запрошує журналістів українських он-лайн ЗМІ на триденний навчальний курс багатоплатформенної журналістики, який відбудеться у березні в Києві. Заявки приймаються до 14 січня

Більш детальна інформація: http://www.enpi-info.eu/maineast.php?id_type=1&id=35734&lang_id=450

The Media Neighbourhood project, led by BBC Media Action, has launched a call for a number of Ukrainian online journalists to take part in a three-day training in multiplatform journalism to take place in Kyiv in March. The deadline for applications is 14 January.
Journalists need to have worked in any established outlet of any media platform for at least 2 years as a reporter or editor, and ideally have an interest in covering international news, especially concerning the EU and related subjects.
The training will cover the following areas:
·         Multi-platform journalism skills
·         Editorial Guidelines in a multi-platform world
·         Covering the EU – tips and professional resources
·         Writing across platforms (different writing style, headlines, summaries, captions)
·         Working with pictures across platforms
·         Video across platforms (including writing to pictures and online video formats)
·         Blogging (including blogging tools and aggregators)
·         Social Media integration
The training will be delivered interactively, with practical exercises focused on examples of the country’s relations with the EU.
Media Neighbourhood is a three-year training programme for journalists, editors and managers from broadcast, print and online. It is funded by the European Union and delivered by a consortium led by BBC Media Action. It is one of three projects funded under the EU's Regional Communication Programme. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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