A Call for Participation in the Educational Course for Educators “School is a Territory of Human Rights”


The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union and the Norwegian Helsinki Committee will hold a first seminar of the third educational course “School is a Territory of Human Rights” for administrators and teachers of comprehensive schools and secondary specialized schools (for children with special needs). The seminar is held with the support of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee and the International Renaissance Foundation. The course is a component of the All-Understanding Human Rights All-Ukrainian Educational Program.

The course is intended for representatives of educational establishments including teachers (a teachers, a psychologist or a counselor) and administrators (a school head or a deputy head), who are ready to develop approaches to management and to organize an educational process on the basis of human rights and democracy principles.

The seminar is a component of an educational course and is intended for an entire school.

It consists of the following phases:

  1. an educational training workshop for teachers and administrators within the framework of the first seminar and a subsequent work on a school basis aimed at the development of approaches to an educational process on the basis of human rights and democracy principles;
  2. developing recommendations regarding human rights and democracy principles based approaches to school management and an educational process; developing corresponding management models (2nd seminar);
  3. exchanging experience with colleagues from Ukraine and other countries.

The first seminar will be held from 7 to 13 October 2011 in Chernihiv.

The applicants should be ready to participate actively in all stages of the educational course, which include two seminars and a distance session. It is obligatory for the participants to participate in all educational activities of the course and to fulfill distance session tasks.

The organizers provide participants with food and lodging and reimburse travel expenses (round trip tickets for regular buses or seats in a second-class sleeping carriage).

The group of participants will be formed according to the results of a competitive selection.

The applicants should conform to the following criteria:

  • representatives of all types of comprehensive schools may apply;
  • an applicant should be motivated to work actively for the support and protection of human rights and should be willing to apply obtained knowledge and skills;
  • an applicant should have a desire to cooperate with human rights organizations and other graduates of the Understanding Human Rights Program;
  • the graduates of the last activities of the program may not apply for the participation in the course.

Contacts for additional information:
E-mail: rozumiemopravaludyny@gmail.com
Fax: (0462) 774-110
Postal address: mail box 79, Chernihiv, 14000
Contact persons:
Oleksander Voitenko (+380505980598), Mariia Yasenovs’ka (+380504023456) and Serhii Burov (+380509219967)

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