Ресурсна платформа "Ініціативи активістів: Права людини"

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On the International Knowledge Day, which is celebrated on the 1 of September, human rights activists held a large-scale action titled Defend Yourself on Your Own. It was a forced measure – a response to systematic violations of human rights by the representatives of the law-enforcement organs of Ukraine.
On Sunday, 29 August, the Bring Back the Streets Hip-Hop Festival will take place on the Square of Lenin in Simferopol’. The Festival is a youth campaign to abolish the city curfew law for teens.
According to the Monitoring of illegal violence in the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine (2009) held by the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group, 1 300 mn people became the victims of illegal violence executed by police officers. Youth is the most vulnerable group constantly encountering unlawful actions of the police. The lack of knowledge about the execution of rights upon the contact with law enforcement agents and the violation of norms of the law by police officers themselves are the main reasons of the abuse of authority by the officers of the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine. Resorting to profiling (the identification of people suspected of a crime by means of parametrics), police officers often stop young people illegally, arrest, interview and inspect them without reasonable grounds.
To the Attention of all Police Officers! Youth Armed with Knowledge Come Out to the Streets! On 1September 2010 human rights activists will hold an All-Ukrainian action titled Defend Yourself!.
The Thirty-Second of May Third Night Festival of Social Youth Films took place in Luhans’k on the night of 1st/2nd of June. The Festival was attended by more than 400 people!
On June 25 human rights activists honored the victims of tortures executed by Ukrainian law-enforcement agents. The action took place on the occasion of the UN International Day against Tortures. Red flowers were laid at the foot of hand-made commemorative steles put in front of the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine in Kyiv and near the Regional Departments of the MI in six other cities of Ukraine, namely Cherkasy, Simferopol’, Chernihiv, Sevastopol’, Luhans’k and Kharkiv, by the organizers and participants of the action in order to honor those who were tortured by police officers.
A commemorative stele will be erected by the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine on the occasion of the UN International Day against Tortures on Friday, June 25, at 11 p.m. In this way the community will honor the victims of tortures executed by Ukrainian law-enforcement agents.
In May 2010 a two-week Photography Show ‘Children under the open Sky’ will take place in Luhans’k. It’s main concern is orphaned children who remain without any shelter after they leave boarding schools or graduate from vocational schools.
Legal education ends in the change of the level of legal awareness, legal culture, legitimate behavior and social activity of pupil.
From March 28 till April 3 the non-governmental organization “Aibolit” (Simferopol’, Ukraine) will hold a charitable action titled “Give an Orange” in one of the city’s supermarkets. The ultimate aim of the action is to re-educate those who serve sentence in places of detention and to promote tolerant attitude to such people in the society.