The right to privacy

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Joining efforts at the local level for the protection of children’s rights is the aim of the initiative of the non-governmental organization M’ART (Chernihiv, Ukraine). According to the initiative it is intended to promote the improvement of the local policy as to the implementation of standards of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the recommendations of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child that were developed at the beginning of 2011 after considering the periodic report submitted to the Committee by our State.
The Handbook is called to help people who are in need of help or would like to be involved in human rights initiatives. It contains information about organizations that are competent in protecting human rights and public interests in Ukraine.
The project titled “The Role of Journalism in Human Rights Advocacy and Protection: Strengthening the Influence of a Journalistic Community on the Situation with Human Rights Observance in Ukraine” is coming to an end. The project intended the development of the human rights culture in Ukraine by introducing an integral approach towards human rights education for journalists.
The participants of the International Human Rights Course for Young Activists, which united civil activists from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, held a solidarity action with political prisoners of Belarus in the downtown of Vilnius on December 19.
How does a person, who lives in a rhythm of the present time, starts a days? Does one usually make breakfast or switch on a computer first? The life swirls and we don’t want to be left roadside. We are afraid to loose pace, because we are not sure if we are able to catch up with everything. While the operating system is starting up and the browser is loading we plan our further actions and define websites we want to visit first. The most important information can always be found in tabs.
The network of activists of the human rights movement Human Rights activists in action and the Human Rights Center Postup started working out the first handbook of human rights organizations of Ukraine. The handbook will contain contact information of human rights organizations, information about their spheres of activity and needs.
An All-Ukrainian Campaign ‘The Yellow Card of Ukrainian Police: a Second Warning’ is taking place in Kyiv and ten other cities of Ukraine on the 8th of September 2011. The campaign is initiated by the activists of the Human Rights Activists in Action social network and the graduates of the Understanding Human Rights Program.