Program Implementation Scheme


Throughout 2010 theprogramwassupplementedbytheactivitiesoforganizationsthatarepartnersoftheUnderstandingHumanRightsProgram. The partners’ activities are a part of the program strategy and plans. In particular, certain components of the long-term courses are implemented through the separate projects of the partner organizations. Such projects are financed from different sources, like, for example, the first seminar of the Human Rights Course for the penitentiary system officials, which was carried out within the framework of the project of the non-governmental organization M’ART. In the same way the efforts are joined within the framework of other components of the program. For example, the expert seminar titled ‘Actions for the Protection of Children at Risk: the Experience of Poland, Germanyand Ukraine’ (the HumanRightsCenter‘Postup’), the seminar titled ‘A Strategic Disability Lawsuit’ (Kharkiv Regional Foundation ‘Public Alternative’) and so on.

Theprogramissupportedbypartnerprojectsthatensuretheorganizationaldevelopmentof some of the project components. Such projects ensure the informational and methodological support, the development of the network and distance learning program etc. These are, for example, the projects of the non-governmental organization M’ART implemented in 2010, id. est. the projects titled ‘Understanding Human Rights’ and ‘The Network of Graduates of the Understanding Human Rights Program’.

The number of organizations and specialists that provide the expert support of the program increased in 2010. 

Main components included in the Second Phase of the Program Action Plan

Basic educational courses

  • All-Ukrainian and local human rights schools for young activists
  • Acourseforteachersandadministratorsofsecondaryschools‘School is a Territoryof Human Rights’
  • Human rights schools in the interests of people with disabilities
  • A course on the role of journalism in human rights protection and advocacy
  • A human rights course for the penitentiary system personnel
  • A human rights course for law enforcement agents

Specialized activities

  • Training on collective civil actions in support of human rights
  • Training on the monitoring of human rights
  • Training on educational activities for the protection of human rights
  • The seminar on a strategic discrimination lawsuit

Distance Learning

  • Distance training of applicants who were admitted for the participation in training courses of the basic level
  • Distancetrainingoftheparticipantsof thelong-temcoursesheld betweenthe stationaryactivitiesof the courses
  • Distancetrainingof the applicants admitted for the participation in specialized trainings
  • Distancecoursesonprojectmanagementforthosewhounderwentbasictrainingcourses

International solidarity of human rights activists

  • TheseminarforBelaruslawyerstitled‘DeFactoImplementationofInternationalObligationsintheSphereofCivilRightsandFreedoms’
  • Participationinschools, seminarsandtrainingsheldbypartnersfromRussia(Petrozavodsk(youthandteachers), Murmansk(youth), Archangel’sk(social services that work in the interests of persons with disabilities), Moscow(teachers from Chechnyaand Ingushetia)).

Thedevelopmentandsystematizationofmethodologicalmaterialson human rights education

  • Thedevelopmentandsystematizationofmethodologicalmaterialsforthetarget groups that are trained within the framework of the program
  • Thepublishingofmanualsthatwill be used by the work group of the program

The strategies of educational actions aimed at the protection and advocacy of human rights

  • The Conference titled ‘The Development of Human Rights Education in Ukraine’
  • Workmeetingsandseminars, includingtheexpertones, on the planning, preparation and evaluation of activities held within the framework of the program

Activity support and network development

  • Theresourceplatform‘Activists’ Initiatives: HumanRights’
  • Thewebsiteoftheprogramensures the informational support of the program participants’ activity:
  • Themailinglistforgraduatesandexpertsoftheprogrameducationalcourses:
  • The website of the social network of human rights activists: