Techniques and methods of education

The basis of the program pedagogical conception is the pedagogic of participation.
The program educational measures include traditional academic forms of education as well as active and interactive ones.
The training is oriented at participants’ personal experience and takes into account their psychological and physical peculiarities. The inclusive approach is used in the educational measures. Educational groups usually include persons with disabilities, and that is considered in the logistics and methodology of measures.
Modern pedagogical technologies are integrated into the educational process. They include such technologies as Forum theatre, Free to choose, as well as using of films during training. Apart from obligatory sessions and lectures there are evening facultative meetings – a Debating club. As a basis for discussions we use films, which are the awardees of the International Film Festival: Human Rights Documentary Days.

Evaluation of the program: approaches, methods, tools

The program foresees the system of evaluation which includes both internal and external evaluation.
The subjects of evaluation are: the process of implementation of separate measures and of their outcomes, the reaction of participants, the level of knowledge, skills and the personal approach development, etc.
At the end of every measure participants complete evaluation forms. In the course of education the team of organizers analyzes the level of knowledge obtained.
In 2009 the experts of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (Warsaw, Poland) were invited to carry out the evaluation.